Trip Day 1-2


The Green Jeep

 We flew into Seattle to begin a road trip that would take us down the Washington, Oregon and California coastline and finish in the great state of Arizona.  We had shipped our jeep from the Island of Hawaii so that we would have our own vehicle to drive since this was going to be a long drive.  So, after a good nights sleep at a local Seattle hotel, we took a taxi to the dock to pick up our jeep.  It was good to check it out and make sure that it had no new scrapes and bruises.  Then we loaded in our luggage, which ended up being too much for a jeep, but we managed to get it all in and begin to drive down through Washington State.  It’s crazy how much traffic there is and of course, true to Seattle weather it was raining.  But we headed to the I-5 to begin our travels.  Now I should probably restart this paragraph because we didn’t really plan to go down the Washington  Coast as we had been there before, but what we really wanted to do was see the mid-Oregon and Northern California coastline and the Redwoods that we’ve often heard about.  But in order to get there we had to drive and unfortunately we only had a certain amount of time so we couldn’t get to as much as we really wanted to.   There never seems to be enough time to do everything you want, but it’s always fun to have lots of stops in mind.

   We made it into Oregon and through the big city of Portland and then headed out to the Oregon Coast to see some of the beauties there.  We went across a winding road that ended up in Tillamook county.  Luckily we had just put new tires on the jeep as there was lots of water on the roads and lots of curves to negotiate. The new tires served us very well and made the ride in our jeep as smooth as possible. Once we got to the 101 we  decided to go North just for a few miles to the sleepy little town of Garabaldi.  It is right beside the ocean and we stayed that night in a B&B that was close to the Pier.  We finally were able to get out and stretch our legs and take a nice long walk along the bay and down the pier.  There were tons of seagulls and birds of other sorts to watch and watch out for.  Of course the smell of the ocean always feels me with happiness and after that many hours in the jeep it felt especially refreshing to breath the salty ocean air and to get a long walk in.

   We knew the next morning as we left and headed South that it was going to be a long day with many stops and so we picked up plenty of food from the local grocery store  and lots of water.  Then we headed out to fill our eyes with the amazing sights and smells of  the Oregon coast.  


Sometimes the best way to travel is by car.  There are so many conveniences to this type of travel.  You don’t have to worry about deadlines or check-in nightmares.  You can put your luggage in the trunk and forget about it until you arrive at your destination.  No worries about who is going to be your seat partner or if you will be able to make your connections in time.  Life is just a lot simpler when you drive yourself and have your own schedule. Of course, you can’t do that with every trip, but when you can travel by car it beats anything else.
Recently we took a 1000 mile trip by car and really had an enjoyable time.  There is so much to see and so much time to dream as you drive that the time really flies.  I traveled with a companion so we were able to trade off from time to time and even get in a cat nap or two.  We arrived at our destination in one long day, but it was so nice.  We didn’t have to think about car rentals or stand and wait for our luggage so when we arrived we were there.  So many conveniences to be appreciated when you travel by car.  I sure will be traveling that way as soon as we have our next long as it’s not too far.

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Are you Flexible



We don’t always get what we want in life. Sometimes you only get lemons and rotten tomatoes, but the point in this little conversation today is to be able to deal with whatever comes your way. Another words a person needs to be flexible enough in life that we can make changes to our plans according to what a day brings.

When the core of our beliefs are solid and the core of our faith is solid, then the changes that happen to us and around us in life are much easier to accept. Making changes and being flexible as life unfolds itself is really something we learn. The more we are able to see the benefit in not being too stubborn and to just going with the flow the happier we will be. If we try paddling against the current, chances are we’ll be left alone to drift on our own because going with the flow of life is much easier. Trying to paddle against the current is exhausting and really a lesson in futility. It’s also extremely hard emotionally and very damaging to friendships etc.

So, if life throws you a lemon how can you handle it if you refuse to accept the lemon? What if you are going merrily along in life and all of a sudden the rug is pulled out from under your feet. Those times are never pleasant, but at some point if we accept what has happened then we’ll be able to make lemonade out of the situation. If we refuse to accept and not bend with the changes, we’ll most likely break from the strain of stiffness. It takes a lot of energy to not accept life and what it brings. If we continually think about what was and compare that to what we have now, it is going to drive us crazy, and it’s going to wear us completely out.

Lately I am learning how to make lemonade out of a situation where I’ve been given lemons. It hasn’t been easy, but at some point it is going to be okay. Maybe the point when I start putting a little sugar into the mixture. Other words, not just accepting this new direction but finding something good in it. That is like adding a little sugar into the mixture and at some point it will taste good and I will be able to smile again. Not that I don’t smile now, but really smile from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. A smile from the inside and that is easy to present to the world. So, how to begin to add the sugar? Maybe just a little bit of gratitude will help me. That is like a grain of sugar. Then a little hope. There is another few grains of sugar. Love will add in quite of few more grains of sugar and kindness will continue the sweetness of my lemonade. There is a lot to bring in that will sweeten up my life.

The first step in the process is to be flexible and to never get too stuck in my own ways. A little lesson in life for the young and old. Never too late to learn a lesson that will make the journey a little more pleasant.

Snow in Boise Idaho

Snow in Boise


  1. Will this was a trip and a half got up Wednesday morning December 28,  at 2 o’clock in the morning we headed out of Phoenix Arizona heading for Las Vegas Nevada then onto Ely Nevada from Ely going north on Highway 93 up to twin falls Idaho then on to Highway 84 and eventually make it into Boise. Makes for a long day 16 1/2 hour trip. Everything seemed to be going great as we were planning to spend some time with family in Boise Idaho for the new year.
    Dining Table

    Everything went very well for the New Year’s lunch. On Monday the second of Jan. I was looking around for a detail shop in Boise found one very close to where was that Buff Guy Auto detailing Boise, ID thinking it would be a great time to get my car detailed but they ended up being booked up. Went over and met with the owner Rich on Jan 3. What a great detail shop we need one like this in Phoenix.  If you are around Boise Idaho and need your Car detailed get over there and check this awesome shop out.  Got an awesome detail then it started to snow and snow with the temperatures dropping roads are very icy made it hard to get around.  On January 4th and fifth we were stranded because of the snow. Not stranded in a bad way just locked up in the house staying warm.  We were planning to stay tell the 8th which is today as I write this blog post. In looking at the winter snow storms with rain and dropping temperatures there was a little window in the storm Friday so we left Boise around 9 AM. Roads are very slick getting out of town call 511 for the road report seeing if it would be easier to go through Salt Lake Utah or go back the way we come up through Twin Falls Idaho Down through jackpot Nevada on Highway 93 all the way to Vegas then on to Phoenix Arizona. Road report was good with no fresh snowfall and just spotted areas of icy conditions so we took highway 93 out of Twin Falls and heading for Las Vegas Nevada. With all the wet roads and icy spots, sand and salted roads so much for detail. Drove all day and Into the night made it back to the house at 3 AM Saturday. Makes for a very long day.

Drive safe and keep the shiny side up.

Car Detail
Boise detail

The Drive

The drive from Phoenix Arizona to Boise Idaho.

Got up at 1:00 am and out the door by 1:55 am with coffee in hand. It is going to be a long day but going to make it out of Phoenix with no traffic and stop in las Vegas for breakfast. Things started out very well even with the little roadwork around Sun City Arizona and that full thinking gas which was purchased the day before the trip started. Rolled into Las Vegas around 5:45 a.m. My surprise a lot of the restaurants don’t open till seven. Got some gas and was recommended to go to the Blueberryhill restaurant for breakfast which was one of the worst mistakes that anyone could ever do. Terrible place ain’t really cracked up to what it supposed to be. Coffee was terrible probably get better coffee at a 7 11 potato cake eggs Benedict was little better.

Anyway run over and found a Starbucks grab coffee for the road and headed up Highway 93 from Vegas to jackpot Nevada. Roads were clear making driving awesome for December 28 they have had their share of snow and it still shows at the higher elevations. Sometimes along the trip temperature got as low as 16° Fahrenheit.

Wild Mustang
The Drive

Seen this wild mustang in the Delamar Mountains area, Nevada Highway 93. The next stop was Ely for gas and back on the road. Started about 3 miles before getting into Wells Nevada and made a sandwich and grab some more water and back on the road. I’ll bring this up just because we all get driving too fast sometimes. Oh I know what you were thinking that I got a ticket no that would not be the case. Get back to the topic as I was leaving Wells Nevada the SUV went flying by. And here’s the point who ahead let them be the pace car 20 miles down the road. Sure as it can be Nevada Highway Patrol had them pulled over given them a ticket:) All was good and rolled through Jackpot Nevada up to twin Falls Idaho then onto Highway 84 with enough gas to make

Caliente Nevada
Drive-by capture

it to Mountainhome Idaho. Grab gas and coffee from Jack-in-the-Box at Mountain home Idaho and got back into the car. Rolled into my destination in Boise at 6:45 PM with 1000.3 miles on the trip odometer. Now for a good night sleep. Drive safe Barr

Car Show Phoenix

Car Show


CorvetteCar Sow Phoenix
Corvette interior

I recently went to a car show near me. It’s a huge event and lots of people thought it was worth there time too. It’s really great to be able to look at so many different models of cars in one location. Really that is a super good idea. It sure beats going from one lot to the next and being hounded by salespeople. ( not that I have anything against salespeople…that is there job, after all) But it is nice to take your time and thoroughly look without any pressure of buying a car. Right now I am not in the market to buy a vehicle, but I like to look and see what’s out there and dream about what my next purchase may be.

I was really impressed with the Chevy Colorado. I especially took a liking to the diesel model. Its a sweet looking little truck and gas mileage is pretty good. It would work well for a town truck and good for trips. Maybe that will be on my wish-list for next vehicle.

It was fun to look at the vehicles that are well out of my price range. Some that are only going to be a dream for me. But still it’s good to dream big sometimes. You never know. It could happen at some point in life, right? I’m talking about the Ferrari’s and the Lamborghini’s. Now those are 2 models that not many people are ever going to be able to own or even rent for the day. But it is a lot of fun to look and wish. I also stood for a long time looking and even taking pictures of the Mercedes-Benz S65 and the Bentley Continental GT. It had been a long time since I’ve seen a Bentley driving down the road or a Rolls-Royce. Those are not cars that pass you every day on your way to work or down the back roads to home. That is why you really do have to go to a car show if you hope to see and examine some of the luxury cars that not many people have parked in there garages. Of course, some of the higher end vehicles were roped off so that you could only look from a distance, but still it was closer than I’ll probably ever get otherwise.

There was a Bah ha Raptor Race Truck there also. It looked like it had just come from a track somewhere. It was all dirty like it had just been raced. Very tough and rugged looking up close. A mean machine. Then on the other side of the arena there was a Nissan Titan. Super rugged a racy, but it almost looked like they were copying the idea of the Ford Raptor. Regardless of that, it was still a great looking truck.

There was one other vehicle that my wife thought was great. That was the smaller model of the Land Rover. Just like a mini version of the bigger model. The seats were uber comfortable and the look was great. It was a little pricey, but still not unrealistic.

It was a fun day and worth the $10. ticket to get in. If you see a show coming up in your area, I’d highly recommend going.