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I recently went to a car show near me. It’s a huge event and lots of people thought it was worth there time too. It’s really great to be able to look at so many different models of cars in one location. Really that is a super good idea. It sure beats going from one lot to the next and being hounded by salespeople. ( not that I have anything against salespeople…that is there job, after all) But it is nice to take your time and thoroughly look without any pressure of buying a car. Right now I am not in the market to buy a vehicle, but I like to look and see what’s out there and dream about what my next purchase may be.

I was really impressed with the Chevy Colorado. I especially took a liking to the diesel model. Its a sweet looking little truck and gas mileage is pretty good. It would work well for a town truck and good for trips. Maybe that will be on my wish-list for next vehicle.

It was fun to look at the vehicles that are well out of my price range. Some that are only going to be a dream for me. But still it’s good to dream big sometimes. You never know. It could happen at some point in life, right? I’m talking about the Ferrari’s and the Lamborghini’s. Now those are 2 models that not many people are ever going to be able to own or even rent for the day. But it is a lot of fun to look and wish. I also stood for a long time looking and even taking pictures of the Mercedes-Benz S65 and the Bentley Continental GT. It had been a long time since I’ve seen a Bentley driving down the road or a Rolls-Royce. Those are not cars that pass you every day on your way to work or down the back roads to home. That is why you really do have to go to a car show if you hope to see and examine some of the luxury cars that not many people have parked in there garages. Of course, some of the higher end vehicles were roped off so that you could only look from a distance, but still it was closer than I’ll probably ever get otherwise.

There was a Bah ha Raptor Race Truck there also. It looked like it had just come from a track somewhere. It was all dirty like it had just been raced. Very tough and rugged looking up close. A mean machine. Then on the other side of the arena there was a Nissan Titan. Super rugged a racy, but it almost looked like they were copying the idea of the Ford Raptor. Regardless of that, it was still a great looking truck.

There was one other vehicle that my wife thought was great. That was the smaller model of the Land Rover. Just like a mini version of the bigger model. The seats were uber comfortable and the look was great. It was a little pricey, but still not unrealistic.

It was a fun day and worth the $10. ticket to get in. If you see a show coming up in your area, I’d highly recommend going.