Snow in Boise Idaho

Snow in Boise


  1. Will this was a trip and a half got up Wednesday morning December 28,  at 2 o’clock in the morning we headed out of Phoenix Arizona heading for Las Vegas Nevada then onto Ely Nevada from Ely going north on Highway 93 up to twin falls Idaho then on to Highway 84 and eventually make it into Boise. Makes for a long day 16 1/2 hour trip. Everything seemed to be going great as we were planning to spend some time with family in Boise Idaho for the new year.
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    Everything went very well for the New Year’s lunch. On Monday the second of Jan. I was looking around for a detail shop in Boise found one very close to where was that Buff Guy Auto detailing Boise, ID thinking it would be a great time to get my car detailed but they ended up being booked up. Went over and met with the owner Rich on Jan 3. What a great detail shop we need one like this in Phoenix.  If you are around Boise Idaho and need your Car detailed get over there and check this awesome shop out.  Got an awesome detail then it started to snow and snow with the temperatures dropping roads are very icy made it hard to get around.  On January 4th and fifth we were stranded because of the snow. Not stranded in a bad way just locked up in the house staying warm.  We were planning to stay tell the 8th which is today as I write this blog post. In looking at the winter snow storms with rain and dropping temperatures there was a little window in the storm Friday so we left Boise around 9 AM. Roads are very slick getting out of town call 511 for the road report seeing if it would be easier to go through Salt Lake Utah or go back the way we come up through Twin Falls Idaho Down through jackpot Nevada on Highway 93 all the way to Vegas then on to Phoenix Arizona. Road report was good with no fresh snowfall and just spotted areas of icy conditions so we took highway 93 out of Twin Falls and heading for Las Vegas Nevada. With all the wet roads and icy spots, sand and salted roads so much for detail. Drove all day and Into the night made it back to the house at 3 AM Saturday. Makes for a very long day.

Drive safe and keep the shiny side up.

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