The Drive

The drive from Phoenix Arizona to Boise Idaho.

Got up at 1:00 am and out the door by 1:55 am with coffee in hand. It is going to be a long day but going to make it out of Phoenix with no traffic and stop in las Vegas for breakfast. Things started out very well even with the little roadwork around Sun City Arizona and that full thinking gas which was purchased the day before the trip started. Rolled into Las Vegas around 5:45 a.m. My surprise a lot of the restaurants don’t open till seven. Got some gas and was recommended to go to the Blueberryhill restaurant for breakfast which was one of the worst mistakes that anyone could ever do. Terrible place ain’t really cracked up to what it supposed to be. Coffee was terrible probably get better coffee at a 7 11 potato cake eggs Benedict was little better.

Anyway run over and found a Starbucks grab coffee for the road and headed up Highway 93 from Vegas to jackpot Nevada. Roads were clear making driving awesome for December 28 they have had their share of snow and it still shows at the higher elevations. Sometimes along the trip temperature got as low as 16° Fahrenheit.

Wild Mustang
The Drive

Seen this wild mustang in the Delamar Mountains area, Nevada Highway 93. The next stop was Ely for gas and back on the road. Started about 3 miles before getting into Wells Nevada and made a sandwich and grab some more water and back on the road. I’ll bring this up just because we all get driving too fast sometimes. Oh I know what you were thinking that I got a ticket no that would not be the case. Get back to the topic as I was leaving Wells Nevada the SUV went flying by. And here’s the point who ahead let them be the pace car 20 miles down the road. Sure as it can be Nevada Highway Patrol had them pulled over given them a ticket:) All was good and rolled through Jackpot Nevada up to twin Falls Idaho then onto Highway 84 with enough gas to make

Caliente Nevada
Drive-by capture

it to Mountainhome Idaho. Grab gas and coffee from Jack-in-the-Box at Mountain home Idaho and got back into the car. Rolled into my destination in Boise at 6:45 PM with 1000.3 miles on the trip odometer. Now for a good night sleep. Drive safe Barr