Trip Day 1-2


The Green Jeep

 We flew into Seattle to begin a road trip that would take us down the Washington, Oregon and California coastline and finish in the great state of Arizona.  We had shipped our jeep from the Island of Hawaii so that we would have our own vehicle to drive since this was going to be a long drive.  So, after a good nights sleep at a local Seattle hotel, we took a taxi to the dock to pick up our jeep.  It was good to check it out and make sure that it had no new scrapes and bruises.  Then we loaded in our luggage, which ended up being too much for a jeep, but we managed to get it all in and begin to drive down through Washington State.  It’s crazy how much traffic there is and of course, true to Seattle weather it was raining.  But we headed to the I-5 to begin our travels.  Now I should probably restart this paragraph because we didn’t really plan to go down the Washington  Coast as we had been there before, but what we really wanted to do was see the mid-Oregon and Northern California coastline and the Redwoods that we’ve often heard about.  But in order to get there we had to drive and unfortunately we only had a certain amount of time so we couldn’t get to as much as we really wanted to.   There never seems to be enough time to do everything you want, but it’s always fun to have lots of stops in mind.

   We made it into Oregon and through the big city of Portland and then headed out to the Oregon Coast to see some of the beauties there.  We went across a winding road that ended up in Tillamook county.  Luckily we had just put new tires on the jeep as there was lots of water on the roads and lots of curves to negotiate. The new tires served us very well and made the ride in our jeep as smooth as possible. Once we got to the 101 we  decided to go North just for a few miles to the sleepy little town of Garabaldi.  It is right beside the ocean and we stayed that night in a B&B that was close to the Pier.  We finally were able to get out and stretch our legs and take a nice long walk along the bay and down the pier.  There were tons of seagulls and birds of other sorts to watch and watch out for.  Of course the smell of the ocean always feels me with happiness and after that many hours in the jeep it felt especially refreshing to breath the salty ocean air and to get a long walk in.

   We knew the next morning as we left and headed South that it was going to be a long day with many stops and so we picked up plenty of food from the local grocery store  and lots of water.  Then we headed out to fill our eyes with the amazing sights and smells of  the Oregon coast.